Alan Watt Sentient Sentinel
Alan Watt Sentient Sentinel
Hello, I am Alan Watt and I welcome you to Sentient Sentinel, the international multi-lingual site of Cutting Through the

I hope, shortly, to make available transcripts of my "blurbs" (educational talks) in the various languages of Europe. These can be downloaded free for print-out and sharing with friends. I wish to show the techniques of culture-creation, manipulation and how the sciences of human understanding have been in use for a very long time, guiding each generation along a pre-determined path laid out by a global elite and produced into existence by their institutions of well-paid experts.

Conspiracy theories are unnecessary. There are many published works by powerful world-stage players. Not only do they plan your future, they have the wealth of the planet to bring it about.

So until this site has more of its planned uniqueness, please partake of the present following offerings from my regular site, "Cutting Through the"

All the best, Alan.......